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Nottingham Wedding Photography with a Twist

As a professional wedding photographer in Nottingham and Mansfield, it’s my job to reflect the uniqueness of a wedding in my photography. Of course, no two weddings are the same, and I really enjoy capturing the intimate moments that make a wedding truly unique. Traditional wedding photography can be absolutely beautiful, but sometimes I really enjoy thinking outside the box and encouraging clients to have some fun with the location and composition of shots. So here are a few examples of my wedding photography where I have pushed the boundaries a little to create photos with a difference.

The Fun of the Fair

This gorgeous collection of images was taken in a fair ground, and I absolutely love the vibrant colours and lights that are captured in them. The juxtaposition of the traditional white wedding dress with the beautiful jewel like coloured lights and rainbow coloured sweets adds a whole new dimension to this couple’s wedding photographs. As you can see, the bride in one of these images is driving a retro style bumper car, surrounded by neon lights. I really like this image; it’s obvious that she’s having fun!

A Chesterfield in the Garden

Here’s another example of wedding photography with a twist, and one of my personal favourites. This image features a happy couple sitting on a Chesterfield sofa. The sofa was deliberately placed outside the wedding venue on the grass of the front lawn. I like the way that both the bride and groom are staring directly at the camera, and the casual way that the bride has placed her head on her husband’s knee, with her wedding dress falling gentle across the sofa. Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the bride is wearing colourful trainers, another fun and cheeky feature of an already quirky composition.

Silhouettes in the Rain

Another example of a slightly out of the ordinary wedding shot, this couple stand silhouetted under an umbrella, covered while the rain falls around them. There’s something almost theatrical about this image, with the illumination of the rain drops and the striking contrast between light and dark. It’s also incredibly romantic, giving the idea that they couldn’t care less about the rain as they are so in love!

Professional Wedding Photographer in Nottingham

If you would like to see some more examples of my Nottingham wedding photography, please feel free to take a look at my wedding photography gallery. If you’re looking for an experienced and professional wedding photographer Nottinghamvisit the Contact Page of the website to get in touch, or to make a request for our 2015 brochure.

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