wedding photography at Thorseby Hall hotel Nottinghamshire

Wedding Photography at Thoresby Hall Hotel in Nottinghamshire

As a professional wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure of taking photographs in a variety of beautiful locations throughout the UK, including Nottingham and Mansfield. A great place for wedding photography Nottinghamshire is Thoresby Hall, a grade 1 listed 19th century country house in Budby, about 2 miles north of Ollerton.

Thoresby Hall is one of four neighbouring country houses and estates in north Nottinghamshire, in a district of the county called the Dukeries which includes Clumber House, Welbeck Abbey, and Worksop Manor. These country houses and estates were all occupied by dukes at some point in their history, and Thoresby Hall is now a hotel.

Thoresby Hall is an incredibly beautiful building designed by Anthony Salvin.  Originally a stately home, this gorgeous hotel boasts extensive gardens and a beautiful location. It also has a spa, a Courtyard filled with shops and galleries, and a Great Hall.

The History of Thoresby Hall Hotel, Nottinghamshire

This beautiful hotel has a very rich history dating back to the 17th Century and was first owned by the 1st Earl of Kingston in 1633. After passing through a number of owners, the hall was acquired by Warner Leisure Hotels in 2000, who extended the building with a new bedroom wing as a 200 room country house hotel with spa facilities. The majority of the Thoresby Estate is still owned by the Pierrepont family, and only a few acres of immediately adjacent grounds and gardens are owned by the hotel.

Wedding Photography at Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire

As a Nottinghamshire based wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure of photographing a few weddings at Thoresby Hall. It really is a great location for a wedding; the impressive architecture and grand, stately feel of the building lends itself perfectly to stunning wedding photography.

In this particular example of my wedding photography, the couple stand in the foreground with Thoresby Hall rising impressively behind them. The dramatic sky is a beautiful backdrop to the hotel, and I love the way that the bride’s veil has been caught by the wind so that it flows delicately behind her. The wedding car is a nice touch too; the vintage nature of the car compliments the rich history of the building.

Nottingham Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for a Nottingham wedding photographer, I can help. I have had the pleasure of capturing weddings in timeless pictures in a variety of locations across Nottinghamshire and Mansfield, including Thoresby Hall. Please visit the Contact Page of the website to get in touch, or to make a request for our 2015 brochure.

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