Norwood Park Wedding Photography

The Wedding Of Matthew & Michelle


I cannot help but smile when I get the chance for a day of Norwood Park Wedding Photography, and March 25th was no different. Deep blue skies with the occasional fluffy cloud and a low warm sun made for the perfect settings for the wedding of Matthew and Michelle. While I drove the almost mile long tree lined driveway towards the house, my mind wondered about the day ahead, the challenges of controlling the light, the multitude of options we as photographers have here at Norwood Park, and how I could make sure I gave Matthew and Michelle the very best I could…

The crackle and the comforting smell of the open fire greeted me as my working day began. A very relaxed Matthew enjoyed the sunshine on the lawns as family members began to arrive and the house began to spring into life. Before long the bridal party were in full preparation mode, the bridal suite was a buzz with excited activity and laughter as the girls enjoyed their morning together. The occasional glance out of the window as Michelle cautiously watched all of the guests arriving, nerves began to build as the time for the ceremony arrived.

After a civil ceremony the bridal party moved outside to soak up the midday sun and enjoy a glass of something fizzy, a few group shots were taken and we managed to steal the bride and groom for a few moments for some photos in the daffies and blossom tree’s. The party then moved on to the wedding breakfast and speeches and as the afternoon approached dusk, we again stole some time to enjoy the low golden light of the evening. Dusk became evening and following the first dance, and cake ceremony, the chance came to finish the evening with a couple more creative images against the backdrop of the houses library and stair case.

As always my sincere thanks to a lovely couple for allowing us to capture your day. I do hope the following images provide a warm reminder of what was a beautiful day.

Norwood Park Wedding Photography

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