Wedding Photography at Ye Olde Bell


Mark & Emma’s Wedding at Ye Olde Bell started, not too surprisingly during a February cold snap it was freezing as I set out on the short journey, with overcast skies, the occasional downpour driven by a bitterly easterly wind!! That being said as the morning went on the clouds would break for a moment and reveal a very welcome blue sky, which sadly didn’t last……. Arriving at the venue Emma and the girls were not fazed by the winter weather outside, their focus was well and truly on the heart warming events that lay ahead. The morning quickly slipped away as Emma’s bridesmaids helped her final preparations to go and meet her future husband, Mark. I left the girls and found Mark, best man Richard and the rest of the fella’s in the Lodge they had stayed in the night before.

The 1:30 ceremony was fast approaching and after spending a few moments photographing the guys we took our stations to await the bridal party. Following the ceremony the full party bravely lined up outside to greet the new they weds and battle the elements to allow us to photograph the groups shots, which due to the freezing wind we did in record time. It does always amaze me how quickly a wedding day goes, after a very quick portrait session with Mark & Emma outside we retreated into the real fired warmth of the Ye Olde Bells oak panelled rooms for the wedding party to enjoy the awaited wedding breakfast.

With people fed and well watered we finalised the last remaining group shots again in between showers and also created some lovely moments with Emma and the girls. As the light faded and the rain became sleet and then snow the band set up was almost complete and the traditional cake and first dance were performed. Drinks flowed and dancing became more interesting we bid our fare wells. I would like to thank Mark & Emma for braving the cold and muddy paths and for allowing me the privilege of capturing their day, the following images are a storyboard of the day.



Take a look at the Ye Olde Bell here…


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