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I was delighted to be back for a fix of Hodsock Priory wedding photography, with the attendees and support team for my winter wedding workshop. The day got off to a damp and drizzly morning but with a good forecast for the afternoon our hopes were high. As MUA Liz, Stylist Rebecca and wedding dress guru Lauren of Lulu-Mai all worked their wonders the rest of the group enjoyed a meet and greet over a coffee.

As the rain poured we rushed to the house with our bride and groom the lovely Shelly and Nathan of Y2K Promotions. The whole purpose of the workshop was to show the photographers, all of them at varying stages of their photographic careers, how to find and utilise the available light. Something that the winter months in the UK can be very hard to do. Using the large windows within the priory and using my trusty 50mm prime we began shooting. As we did the sunshine broke through and created some wonderful light, made more delicious by using the simple nett curtains in the bridal room. As we shot the group go to see how simple backgrounds and effect composition can make beautiful images, coupled with taking control of the camera and using its many options and functions to maximum effect.

As the winter sun slowly dried the rain and warmed the air, we moved outside. Simple walking shots were demonstrated and how just simply moving around a bride and groom as they walk and chat can produce simple yet effective wedding day images. After lunch and a dress change for Shelly we moved to a dirty container in a farm yard and introduced the group to off camera flash. The purpose of this was to show how the mundane can be turned into an interesting backdrop, and how kicking up dirt can add a little bit of drama into an image. Using the amazing Elinchrom ELB400 with a gridded 70cm Rotalux soft box the group were amazed to see just how punchy and stylish OCF can make an image, for some in the group this was the first use of flash in this way and they were dazzled by its effectiveness.

From the barn it was off back to the house and to see and practice used with slow shutter speeds, using the same lighting setup as the container shot we demonstrated controlling the ambient light in a dark lamp lit room and balancing the OCF. Again, the group were amazed at the simple yet stunning effect this gave, coupled with the reflective surface of a 400 year old piano the images were even better. As the afternoon shadows lengthened we again went outside to work against the setting sun, as with many winter weddings time is often against us so we demonstrated working quickly, using flash and good technique to capture the wow shots that can often elude us.

The day ended back in the house as we first danced with multiple speed lights, again showing how inexpensive lights can be used in a way to create a little drama and interest in our wedding work. The day finished with a short Q&A over tea and cake before we the students departed for their journeys home. My sincere thanks to everyone that joined me and made the day amazing…. and to the following for whom the day would have not been so special:

Venue: Hodsock Priory
MUA: Liz Bond
Hair: Rebecca Rice
Dresses: Lauren of Lulu-Mai Bridal Boutique
Flowers: Gail and Kristy at Daisy Daisy
Models: Shelly & Nathan
Agency: Y2K Promotions
Lighting: Rob Ferrol


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