This was a first for me, Equine Photography! having been booked by an established equine photographer for a one to one training session on the use of flash. Saturday was an early start, up at 5:30am and car packed and on the road by 5:45 to begin the 200 mile drive to Buckinghamshire.

Following a pick me up of bacon and hash brown courtesy of McDonalds en-route I arrived at 9:30 to begin the day. Lisa had booked me from a recommendation from a friend who himself has attended two of my wedding workshops. Lisa was wanting to learn how to use off camera flash in her equine work, as with many of us Lisa has her personal favourite equine photographers, people whose work she admires and it was this drive to succeed in her personal ambitions and creativity that brought us together.

Following a morning cup of tea and 30 minutes discussing the basics we were keen to get shooting. The day started as with many of my flash courses, from the ground up. We discussed the use of ambient light and then using some simple items from around the farm we demonstrated and discussed basic OCF set up and techniques. Having never used nor owned a flash gun Lisa was a blank canvas on which to paint and build. And before long thanks to her excellent knowledge of her camera Lisa began to see the potential.

After a brief lunch we moved onto the horses. Personally I’m not the most relaxed around these animals, that being said I soon felt at ease. We began outside using large powerful flash to override the ambient and create some dramatic skies, the horses relaxed and gave us what we needed. We then moved into the indoor arena, here is where Lisa really wanted to understand the setups and techniques. Using two lights now we displayed how to contour using lights with various modifies and positions. Lisa really began to see just how easily dramatic portraits of these animals can be achieved.

The following images are my personal favourites, having never tried Equine Photography before I didn’t know what to expect! Some of them were nervous, Lisa’s own horse needing almost an hour before he was relaxed enough to allow us to shoot. The result though speak for themselves, Lisa, now excited and with a head full of new techniques is looking forward to developing her flash skills and taking her imagery in new direction.

Equine Photography

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