The 2017 training calendar closed last Friday with my Autumn Wedding Workshop at Norwood Park. My sincere thanks to the nine photographers who joined me from all over the UK on a mild and sunny day to enjoy a little Norwood Park Wedding Photography training, and to the team that helped put it all together. The day began with a customary coffee and pastry breakfast and after a short intro to the day while Heather and Cameron had their finishing touches applied we began shooting at 10:30.

With the theme of the day being Autumn Wedding we began as most wedding days do with the bride and groom getting ready, using very simple window light. As the morning moved on we discussed how to maximise the most of the valuable time we wedding photographers get with the bride prior to the ceremony, and how too use simple light quickly and effectively. We discussed posing and setups, techniques and composition to get the most from often cluttered rooms while looking for the most pleasing light.

After our superb lunch we moved outside to make the most of the lovely low golden Autumnal sun, again using simple back sunlight to light our couple walking through the wonderful grounds, controlling shadow and highlights and demonstrating how walking shots from both long range and up close can add emotion and and warmth to our wedding images. We then demonstrated how a range of unusual backdrops can be used, things such a log store and an old rusting shipping container can be used to great effect. Using a mix of Elinchrom’s Ranger and ELB400 lighting systems and a range of Elinchrom modifiers we setup various shots to show how to add depth and interest to our images.

The following images are my highlights from my Autumn Wedding Workshop and Norwood Park Wedding Photography, it was a day filled with learning, development and above all fun. The following list of people made the Workshop the success it was and I cannot recommend them highly enough, you are all simply a pleasure to work with….

Models – Heather Kellie & Cameron Hutchinson of Y2k Promotions
Flowers – Daisy Daisy of Worksop
Make Up – Liz Bond MUA
Hair Styling Helen Sutcliffe
Lighting & Assistance – Rob Ferrol
Venue – Norwood Park, Southwell, Notts


Norwood Park Wedding Photography



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