James Davies

Jimbo_Playing_with_lights-15Living in Worksop with my brilliant wife Alice and my three young daughters you can imagine life is hectic and rarely is there a quiet time in the house. Alice and I run the J Davies Photography business together, me behind the camera and Alice within the office sorting the administration side of the business.


I don’t really want to have the usual blah blah about ‘how much I love’ this and ‘my passion’ is that, I believe my photography speaks for itself about how much I love what I do. Whatever the commission I’m working on be it a wedding, a commercial project or teaching I strive to achieve excellence.


My strengths are an ability to interact with you the customer and translate your requirements into an image. Take a look through some of the testimonials previous clients have written, you will see they all echo the same message that I’m fun, patient and above all determined, determined to ensure your photographs are the best I can make them. As a wedding photographer I believe all of these qualities are vital.


Thanks for reading, please get in touch via the contact form here if you need a photographer like me.