Arley Hall Wedding Training with Brett Harkness

For the first time on the 2014 training calender the BHP training team moved into the stunning Arley Hall. The following images are a small snap shot into the unique style and hands on approach Brett offers to every student who attends a BHP training course. Whether your a full time professional photography looking for inspiration to a hobbyist photographer wanting to elevate their photography skills, a Brett Harkness course has something to teach all of us.

After coffee and pastries and the customary meet and greet it was down to the business at hand. Assisting Brett today gave me the opportunity where possible to take some behind the scene images, you will see from these that the courses are very relaxed and laughter is the order of the day, I’ve also tried to provide an example of the final images and techniques the group were practising, this did involve a massive amount of multi-tasking which for anyone who knows me, well dare I say its not a strength of mine.

Today the house and gardens were in their spring time finery, our sincere thanks go to Lynn and the Arley team for making all of us so welcome and for accommodating every request so perfectly.


Around the table Brett discusses the techniques and style he has developed over his long career. Technical methods are discussed and images from many of his most stunning weddings are displayed, Brett’s openness and eagerness to share what drives him during this session really provide an insight into what makes him tick, questions are always welcome and the groups appetites are well and truly wetted for the practical elements soon to follow….

Upstairs in one of Arley’s many beautiful and elegant bedrooms make up artist and stylist Zan works her magic with model Rachel and Dan of Nemesis model agency. Details of the work done by Zan can be found here. The dress wore by Rachel was supplied by Novak bridal wear.


Brett has found that the best way to teach his students is by example, so as each location is organised, Brett sets out what he’s looking for in the shot, he discusses every element, the pose, the light, the composition and the camera techniques employed to get the shot. The students each then have the opportunity under Brett’s guidance and watchful eye to make the shot their own.


Watching from the shadows as the group enjoy the fruits of their labours. Some of the group share their images with each other, bouncing ideas and settings off one another.


Following a superb lunch we head outdoors to begin making the most of the grounds and gardens at Arley. Using a variety of setups and situations Brett talks about each scenario in great detail, ideas are fast paced and many of the shots taken are new and refreshing for each of the photographers, for the guys that have attended previous BHP courses Brett constantly introduces fresh ideas.


The day finishes with the big flash shot, a chance for each photographer to grab a wow moment, the culmination of the days training encapsulated in an image, for many on the course this style of shot may have eluded them in their personal photography, it’s at this part of the day that the eureka moments happen, when the teaching and the discussions of the day start to piece together and make a little more sense.

Each photographer takes away with them many fresh ideas and a head full of techniques that, should they wish to do so, can be incorporated into their repertoire, the motto now is practice practice practice…..

For more information on Brett’s courses or to join us this Wednesday, the 19th, at Arley for more of the same click here.